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Dream Poetry

A wind swept beach under a vast starry sky, a tent door flapping harshly on a beach of a sea of incredible colors and lights A lone shadowy figure stands A Guardian against the darkness  beyond the edge where life meets death An ancient evil waits Not one of my best, but it came to me in a dream along with this image. It was beautiful, but also disturbing.

Some Rainy Day Paintings

These are just a couple of little paintings I did today because it was raining buckets and I couldn't get out on my day off. They are mixed media done on standard canvas. 12 x 12 untitled abstract  8 x 10 untitled abstract

Expressive painting "I Will Keep Your Heart" by Kelly Jeannette Swift

"I Will Keep Your Heart" This painting was created while I was listening to a Adult Alternative music channel. I don't remember the group name or song, but this lyric kept circulating through my head while finishing up the painting. It is a mixed media done on 18 x 24 gallery wrapped canvas. Here are some sweet spots Materials used were acrylic paint, molding paste, canvas, oil pastels, gold ink, interference paint, graphite pencil, gesso Tools used were brush, pen, fingers, side of plastic card  If you are interested in owning this painting or seeing anything else you might like just go to my website    As always you can contact me with questions or just to comment at or comment below or leave message on my website. To see my shipping and return policies click here Thanks for looking! LIVE WILD. LOVE MORE. LAUGH OFTEN. CREATE FEARLESSLY Kelly

Expressive painting "Jazz Guitar" by Kelly Jeanette Swift

"Jazz Guitar" This is "Jazz Guitar" an 20 x 24 mixed media painting done on gallery wrapped canvas. It was inspired by the music of Jesse Cook , one of my favorite musicians.  I know. It doesn't look like a guitar. It's not suppose to. This is a painting about my reaction to and feelings while listening to the music. Bright. Happy. Energetic. Ready to boogie (yes, I dance while I paint. No, you will not see it. It will scare you.).  Here are some snapshots of sweet spots.   Material s used were acrylic paint, molding paste,oil pastels, gold ink,black ink, canvas.   Tools used were paint brush, pens, and my fingers.  I am pretty pleased with how this one turned out. I love the energy in it. It makes me think of a very bright sunny day with a strong breeze blowing.  This painting is ready for a forever home. Sides are painted and it is wired to hang on your wall immediately upon arrival. A certificate of authenticity comes with i

I'm Back!

Happy to post that I have finally got my internet issues fixed, so here's to new art being seen.