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How we see color may be not as we think

I had recently stumbled across this episode of Brain Games on Nat Geo that explored how we see color. It was a very interesting and eye opening show. It also had Fighting Gravity on it (You know, those guys from America's Got Talent). It also explained some about color blindness. My grandmother was color blind. Often she would wear orange and swear that it was green. ? It suppose to be hereditary so sometimes I wonder if I am seeing colors differently than others. As a abstract artist who relies heavily on color it is a bit worrisome. Maybe I am not seeing my colors like those viewing my work.

2nd Great news of the year!

Good news! Both Winter's Morning Glow and That Lingering Melody was judged into the 49th Annual Appalachian Art Show  in Kingsport, Tennessee. I'm very excited. 

The Why I create

Recently on one of my Facebook Forums we were asked the question of " Why ?" Why do we create? What truly motivates us? Of course we could come up with the usual answers-we feel the need, we want to be famous, money, etc. But after some days of thought our answers begin to change. This little video clip is from my all time favorite sci fi series Babylon 5. Favorite because it did not focus on the hardware of science, but on the relationships and drama that can unfold when many individuals of different backgrounds, religions, social classes, political views, and yes, different species, are thrown together. This scene stuck with me and now I know Why . I think that is why I want to create, to paint. To capture that one moment of perfect beauty. Thank you, Ambassador Kosh.

Art Monday-Jeanne Bessette-Magic Happens

Just one of the artist I admire. I'm jealous because I wish I had this much room to move around in my art making space.

Frosted Cattails

Title-Frosted Cattails $460  +  shipping 24 x 36 on stretched canvas Acrylic and mixed media Why I created this painting-I usually do not like any thing to do with winter, but with the recent really cold nights I noticed that the little frog pond near my house was frozen over and the cattails where covered in frost and ice. I just fell in love with that image and decided to paint it. It may even become a series. This painting has much texture involved and is better seen up close. Check below for detail shots. This abstract modern painting was painted on gallery wrapped acid free canvas with acrylic paint. Texture was achieved with the use of a palette knife. A final coat of fine art varnish was applied to preserve the painting. It is signed, titled, and dated by me the artist on the front and the back.  Only fine quality art materials have been used and it was created and stored in a smoke free pet free environment. The edges are stapled free. No need to frame and

Beach Time 1 a 8 x 10 abstract

Beach Time $50 This small painting comes matted with a single white mat, backing, and an acid free sleeve for protection.   I named this little painting Beach Time because it reminded me of walking along the water while vacationing in  Myrtle Beach, SC. A 8 x 10 mixed media abstract mediums used-acrylic paint, gold ink, black ink, metallic paint on watercolor paper methods used-brushwork, finger painting, drawing, mark making tools used-brush, finger, gold ink marker

Art Monday-Behind the Scenes: Tim Burton at MoMA

I have always been a big fan of Tim Burton. This is an old video from a past show at MoMA, but in it he talks about his artwork.

Work in progress-Winter Pond

Just a small preview of what I have been working on. Much more work to go.

When I first felt validated as an artist

Once, I was at a show featuring mostly realism (the type like around here-barns, farm animal, landscapes, etc). My entry was the only mixed media abstract in the show and I was feeling a bit out of place. I have this habit of lingering near my work to listen in to comments made about it (and don't tell me you folk don't do the same). An artist that I admire for her beautiful landscapes in oil was standing with me ( she was well into her seventies) and we were watching this couple staring at my painting. She introduced me and told them that she admired MY work and said I was a very eclectic artist with an unique style. That made me feel as if I was standing on air! Now, whenever I feel like I'm not getting any where and feel like I should give up, I remember her words and they make me go on.

Blackberry Winter-A 8 x 10 painting

 Blackberry Winter $50 This small painting comes matted with a single white mat, backing, and an acid free sleeve for protection.   I chose Blackberry Winter as a title because the colors reminded me of the warmth of Spring and the lingering coolness of Winter. subject-8 x 10 mixed media abstract materials used-acrylic paint, gold ink, black ink, collage paper methods used-brushwork, finger painting, mark making, collage elements

Art Monday-Ed Williford ~ Mixed Media

Dog Days 1-a 8 x 10 painting

Dog Days 1 $50 I choose Dog Days as a name because this painting reminds me of the hot, colorful days of the dog days of summer (usually between July 3rd-August 11th. This small painting comes matted with a single white mat, backing, and an acid free sleeve for protection. subject- 8 x 10 mixed media abstract materials used-Acrylic paint, gold ink, pencil methods used-brush, mark making, fingers