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1913 | "3 Standard Stoppages" by Marcel Duchamp-Art Monday

1913 | "Colored Rhythm: Study for the Film" by Léopold Survage-Art Monday

Seems like 1913 was a awesome year for art. If it were not for WW1, what could of been revealed by artists of the day. 

"Map" by Jasper Johns, 1961 | MoMA Education-Art Monday

1913 | "Klänge (Sounds)" by Vasily Kandinsky-Art Monday

Such a beautiful book. I love handmade books. Someday I might even try doing one myself. Also, woodcut was my favorite form of printing when I took the class. It is time consuming and I am an impatient person, but maybe I can do some small ones. There's a thought.

Another Painting Through The Pain Painting

Might have to consider this a series. I seem to be working off my pain issues through my painting. Don't have as much texture as I usually use, but it is done on paper, so don't want to risk making it too heavy. 18 x 24 mixed media on watercolor paper with acrylics,                                      gold oil stick, and interference paint.

1913 | "Composition in Brown and Gray" by Piet Mondrian-Art Monday