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Thoughts on the Painting Process

My newest attempt. I really loved the process in creating this painting. So, I am starting another one and hope for similar results. Beginning a new painting is always a scary but exciting event. At first there is a image in the head of what you want. Then it takes on a life of it's own and does what it wants. Sometimes you fight it and the end result is unsatisfying if not downright ugly. Sometimes, I go with the flow and turn out something awesome. Sometimes neither works out well and it's time to re purpose the canvas. One can only take a deep breath and hope for the best .

Measuring Success

A guest post about measuring success by Victoria Rose Martin What is your measure of success and how will you know if and when you’ve achieved it?  Have you actually thought about what being a successful artist means specifically to you? We always hear about people “making it” in the art world, but what does that even mean? And more importantly, what does that statement mean to you? Whether you’re on an artistic path or not knowing your measure of success is a really important question to address. Read the rest here

Seeing Patterns

Here is a great article about artists seeing patterns. Just click on the image or the link to read the it. I find myself watching for patterns all the time. In the trees, pathways, shape of rocks and horizons. How about you? Do you see patterns?