Art studio note #1

I thought that I would use Frisking liquid to make a nice space around the edges of my small paintings. I realize now that I do not like using it. Maybe if I were doing watercolor only, but since I do mixed media work frisking liquid is not feasible. Tape is better.

Trump Defiant

This picture will go down in history. And seriously, they had smallish women guarding him. Secret service, do better.

Sad day in America

 Someone took a shot at former President Trump today. What is this country coming to? This is not how we do things in this country. Are we a third world nations? Just because you do not agree with someone's political view does not mean you have the right to kill them! Things need to cool down before something even worse happens.

Summer Series 1-14


The darkness in between

I decided to call this painting the darkness in between. As in the shadows between the leaves or deep between trees in a forest. I was going through some of my old paintings and found this. I had actually started this painting long ago. So I decided to work on it some more and had fun just marking it up. I also used collage papers that I created myself. I used acrylic paint, oil pastels, markers, pen, pencil, collage, gesso, and gold oil pastel. Techniques and tools were finger painting, collaging, drips, scrubbing, brush work,  Here are some sweet spots pictures. I seriously love this deep black scribble.

Beautiful sunset


Her name was Evangeline!

  Today is Mother's Day. And while many are with their moms today celebrate them, I lost mine in 2009 just days before her 64th birthday. I was her caregiver for a good nine years while she was on dialysis. That was a record . Most people don't last that long especially as sick as she was. People always remarked about her sunny and joyful disposition. No matter how she felt that day. She rarely showed impatience. I do know she hated that everyone called her Betty, which was her first name. She wanted to be called by her middle name, Evangeline. But people would mangle it, or call her something so totally different, so she just told them to call her Betty.  Once she told me she wanted a tattoo of a star. I wish I had found a temporary one for her. She was also quietly funny. She would just say things that would surprise people that it came out of her mouth. She took a writing class once and would write the funniest things. She should of published some of her stories. But she was