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"Resonant Chamber" -

This awesomely cool!

Tribal Hearts Sold at Auction

Yay! My painting Tribal Hearts sold at an auction to benefit a local arts center. Here is the link to the center . I like this center because they offer art classes to children. I think all children should be exposed to art. Anyway, I'm super happy.

Spring is in the air!

I saw this magazine in my local food market and just had to pick it up. I bet you can guess why. I mean, look at all those awesome colors! Of course , I will not be doing any egg dying. No kids to hide them for and I really don't have the time.

At Last, Thank God!

I thought Spring would never get here.


Sick of the cold and dreary days!

A stunning light show

I found this video on Facebook and just had to share it here. Such a cool concept and awesome dancing. Check out the other videos by enra as well. They are great.

Stars Align - Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)

Update on Appalachian Show and personal work

Boo Hoo, I didn't win anything, but there is always hope that someone will buy. I am grateful that I got both pieces in the show, seeing as only half of the artworks submitted got in. It was a great show. The minute I walked in I knew I was in trouble. So many excellent pieces of art, many abstracts and mixed media. Concept was the judge's first point for the ones she picked, and of course the second point was technical/knowledge of medium, but her third point was if the the artist came through their art. If it was personal. The best of show was very personal, but I wonder what she saw in mine to pick them. I never really thought about how personal my work is. I do abstracts to show and perhaps sell, playing with color and texture. No symbols, no images. It is rare that use either. So what is personal about them? What did she see? I wish judges of shows would follow up and talk about each artists' work so we could know and grow. So, now I will be looking at my work wit