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Winter dilemmas

 Since my water froze I have had to do what I could without water to create some art. Worked in my sketchbook.

New Year's Day 2024

 Today is the first day of 2024 and I had many plans for the weekend, but no, I spent the weekend on the couch down with a cold. I'm finally getting over it, just in time to go back to work. I would love to have a whole week off but I am saving up my time for a good vacation. I would love to do a workshop this year somewhere. Also this year I would to do... pray a lot more make a difference become more righteous make more meaningful art make more art period sale art write more be more at peace and joyful And create fearlessly. So I'm praying for a good year. For myself. And for my family and friends. And for everyone. My prayers for everyone this year is for health, joy and happiness, and good fortune. God bless everyone in the coming year.