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Some decisions

Last week I was given some good advice from a great selling artist and have decided to take said advice. I have decided to tighten in my online presence as an artist and close down some of the sites that I am on.  I just do not have the time to monitor my pages on them, look at other artists' works, and comment.  Honestly, I haven't been on many of them in years. I have also decided concentrate on painting and trying to sell originals and getting into galleries, so I am closing down my print sites. I really haven't sold on those either. My work just does not lend itself well to prints. To much texture and "bling" in them. I rather have people own the real thing and I do offer smaller pieces at better prices. I am hoping to have my house paid off by the end of the year at which time I am quitting my 40+hours six days a week job, getting something part time and just working on my art career. Some more decisions will be made then as well.

Neil Gaiman 2012 Commencement Speech "Make Good Art"

Some really good advice for anyone going into a creative field. I especially like what he said about making something just for the money not being your best. Love what you are making first.

New painting 5/17/2014

 16 x 20 mixed media on standard canvas. Untitled as yet.                                Here's a pic to see some of the details. Some detail pics. Can you tell I love texture.