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Beautiful fish at Monet’ Garden in Kitagawa Village

Check out this beautiful video of a Japanese garden that could be straight out of a Monet painting and the beautiful fish swimming in it. Just click on the picture. See more of this awesome garden here

Recent Small Paintings

 Here are some small paintings that I have done recently. You can find them for sale on my website  Or you could drop me a line here if you want one. The 8 x 10s are $45 +shipping and the 12 x 12s are $80 + shipping.  All are textured and mixed media. The sides are painted and they are varnished with satin varnish. As always they are created and stored in a dry, pet free and smoke free environment. You can check out my policies page for shipping and payment. As always, thanks!

White Washing Life

As a painter I do have times when a painting is just not going for me and I just give up on and do the gesso thing over it. Too bad we can't do that with some life issues. A relationship, a job, an obligation. Just white wash over it and start over. Or we would, as I tend to do, painstakingly, try to avoid places I like. Try to save them to use in the next painting. Try to save life moments we want to keep and remember. Would white washing over bad choices, bad memories, bad events in our lives be fair to us as human beings? Aren't we the sum of all our lives, those things-good and bad-that make up us? Something to think about.

July Days 16 x 20 mixed media

I love the warmth of lazy summer days. Just sitting out on the porch listening to the jar flies and smelling the humid air bring back memories of my childhood. I felt the need for color today. "July Days" is a 16 x 20 mixed media done on standard canvas. Materials-canvas, acrylic paint, neon paint, oil pastels, black ink, gold ink, interference paint, molding paste.

5 x 5 charity event

These little beauties are going to a event to raise funds for public art in Johnson City Tennessee and for the Boys and Girls Club.