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So Long Summer

This painting began as a challenge. To work on one painting for fifteen days. Of course, it went beyond the fifteen days. At first it was a struggle to paint that long because I do not really paint that long on one painting. So Long Summer 36 x 36 gallery wrapped canvas Mixed media $900 + shipping After fighting with it, using colors I don't normally use, covering them back up, and just getting mad and making marks out of frustration, I finally hit a point I began to like it and the process. Mind you, I'll not do a fifteen day thing again. I just can't work that long on one piece, but I will definitely try to go beyond my comfort zone. Here are some close up of some of the "sweet spots". And yes, there are some sparkle to the yellow because I threw in some white glitter for fun. And I used my favorite mark maker, a gold oil stick. materials-acrylic paint, canvas, oil sticks, spray paint, white glitter, pastel canyons, molding paste,