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Wild Flowers-Abstract Painting 24x30

Title-“Wild Flowers” Bartered 24 x 30 on stretched canvas Acrylic and mixed media (for a larger view click on image) I begin this painting as a simple abstract, but to my delight flowers began to appear. I kept adding to the painting until it became a field of wildflowers. The fields around my home are filled with wildflowers of all kinds. They inspire me with their color and texture every day. This abstract modern painting was painted on gallery wrapped acid free canvas with acrylic paint. Texture was achieved with the use of a palette knife. A final coat of fine art varnish was applied to preserve the painting. It is signed and dated by me the artist on the side and the back. I do not sign on the front to preserve the aesthetics of the artwork. Only fine quality art materials have been used and it was created and stored in a smoke free pet free environment. The edges are stapled free. No need to frame and is ready to hang upon delivery. This painting is not

Doodles and Flowers

Well, I have had an interesting afternoon. I decided to make a video of a drawing exercise I was doing for an online class. Easy, right? I soon found out differently. First, I concluded that trying to draw with one hand and video tape with the other was not easy. Then the video I made refused to load. Found out that the program that came with my camera sucked. So, what do I do when things are not going right computer wise? I yell for Cory. He determined that I needed a different editing program, found one, and downloaded it, while also deciding my computer needed cleaning, so loaded something else. Wow, no wonder my computer was slow! It runs better now. Then the stupid video wouldn’t load again, so we had to convert it to another type of file. That worked. AVI does not work for me. He taught me how to do all of that on my own. Then he showed me how to change the speed on my videos. So I uploaded it to Youtube and Cory showed me how to add music. I did not know that Youtube had mu

The Painting Technique of Franz Kline

I found this painting technique very interesting. There has been much talk  about the pros and cons of using house paint among my artists friends lately. I am still up in the air about it myself, but I can see it's attractiveness.

The Painting of Barnett Newman

Happy Fourth of July! Let Freedom Ring!

                                               I Love This Country!

Rothko and the Love of Color

It was the paintings of Rothko that attracted me to color and what can be done with the build up of colors. I really wish I could see some of his paintings in person.