The Ocean Calls

A new painting! 24x36 and I had so much fun doing this one. I don't know, but maybe I have fell into what excites me.

I am listening to Artistically Speaking on Blog talk radio with Rebecca E. Parsons. This time she is interviewing intuitive artist Sandra Pineault. A great interview that I found very interesting as I have started doing this myself. Not trying to look like everyone else and giving in to my love of colors, shape, and texture.

The Ocean Calls, I think, came out of my need for warmth and sun and the sea. Thinking about the sea a lot lately. I guess I'm looking forward to my vacation trip to the coast in May. Is it May yet? :(


  1. Gorgeous, I can see the oceanic theme. Sometimes just going with your intuition produces amazing results!

    It's almost May ... :) x

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  3. I adore this painting. What serendipity that I am working on an abstract in exactly same colors. Yours is so perfect, though, that I think I'll just feat my eyes on it!

  4. I went to the ocean today actually, and this really made me think of it. The swirls, color, and peace I see in your beautiful painting is how I felt walking on the beach between sand and water, and looking at the sunset <3

  5. Beautiful painting! Full of imagination & movement. I could meditate on it for ages. Thanks for visiting my blog. Its fab that we were both thinking of the ocean and similar themes for our paintings this week.

    I'd love to learn more about intuitive painting. Its something I try to do but need to practice at trusting the process. I shall have to look up the blog radio.

    Kat :-)


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